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So You Want to Be Published? Tips From an Experienced Author

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Are you interested becoming a writer? Are you already writing? Do you wish your writing was doing more for your career?

Do you want to avoid common mistakes associated with being an author or editor?

Do you want to increase your motivation to write?

Patricia Iyer MSN RN LNCC has been the author, editor and coeditor of textbooks, books, and articles. This interview with Alex S. Brown PMP IPMA-C is packed with wisdom Pat learned from a writing career that began almost 30 years ago.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get started as an author
  • A systematic process for writing an article
  • How to make your article appealing to your audience, editors, and publishers
  • How to start a book project and how to stay organized and motivated while you write
  • How to avoid the pitfalls associated with writing a book
  • The advantages and disadvantages of coauthoring an article or book
  • When should you self-publish and when should you use a conventional publishing company
  • How to put together a group of authors for a contributed text
  • The nightmare you can expect in every contributed book project
  • The hardest parts of being an editor of a book and how to overcome them
  • The responsibilities and importance of reviewers
  • The difference between reviewers and coauthors
  • What an author needs to know about copyright
  • How to get maximum career benefits from your articles and books
  • How to improve your writing skills
  • How the publishing world is changing and what to expect in the future

The interview includes eight sections:

  1. Introduction (0:53)
  2. How to get started as an author of books or articles (4:36)
  3. How to write articles and get them published (19:24)
  4. How to write books and get them published (19:13)
  5. The editing and review process for books (17:24)
  6. Creating contributed books -- pros, cons, and how-to (17:44)
  7. Intellectual property and copyright issues for authors (10:20)
  8. Frequently asked questions about writing and publishing (17:24)

1 hour 45 minutes
Available as an MP3 download

This product is also included as part of the coaching package, "Write and Show Your Expertise". If you want hands-on help writing project management articles, from Alex Brown, take a look at this coaching package.

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