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The project management field offers many opportunities for people to speak. Conferences, professional days, company meetings, and other events offer many chances for you to show your expertise and get known as an expert.

Why don't more people do it? Why must event organizers seek out qualified speakers?

Most people are terrified of public speaking and hypercritical of themselves. You can master those fears, though, and it will unlock a wealth of opportunities.

Simply by getting up and doing a decent job relating your stories of success, failure, or even mediocre performance as a project manager, you will become known as an expert in your field. You will meet other experts and people who are passionate about the same topics you are passionate about. Your knowledge of these areas will grow. Your career will accelerate as your reputation grows. You will earn PDUs and other educational credits faster than you ever imagined.

All this starts with preparing the speech, finding a venue to deliver the speech, and delivering the speech.

The process is not hard, and I, Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C, will be there to help you at every step of the way. Whether you are brand new to speaking or a seasoned presenter, I will help coach you so that you are able to deliver that speech. For experienced presenters, I will work with you to polish your material. For newer speakers, I will ensure that you are able to take the stage and deliver the speech.

I have been giving presentations and speeches since 1993, and have presented at dozens of local and international conferences in project management. I started out as an awkward introvert, unsure of the sound of my own voice and whether people would be interested in anything I had to say. Now I am well-known in the project management community as an expert in specific topic areas. You can be known as the expert as well.

This session provides you with phone and e-mail consultation about your speech. I will help as you

  • Turn your ideas into a speech outline
  • Create useful slides, handouts, or other materials
  • Create a marketing overview of the speech
  • Find local resources to help you with speaking and delivery skills
  • Find a venue or event to present the topic
  • Get you booked to deliver the speech

I will not do all this work for you; if I did, then it would not be your speech. I will be at your side to help and direct you. You will need to do the work, but you will have a guide at each step, to help you get over roadblocks and stay focused on the final goal.

You can become well-known in your field. Your career will see a tremendous boost from your increasing reputation. The process starts with getting that next speech done and delivered.

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